Six major crops are concerned in B-CGMS

Among all the crops cultivated in Belgium, six were selected according to their agronomic importance.
They are: winter wheat, fodder maize, winter barley, sugar beet winter rapeseed and potatoes Bintje. The cultural database consists of :

Some of the agronomical parameters concerning crop phenology. A specific farming calendar for each crop, for each year and each agricultural area has been determined. It specifies the 10-day periods when sowing and harvest take place.

Some data related to the farming importance of crop by administrative division. In the course of the year, the main crop acreages are regularly estimated by B-CGMS starting from agricultural parcel plan generated by the IACS.

These characteristics have been determined from observations carried out by the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre in Gembloux as well as by the Ministry of Agriculture, on approximately 21 000 plots distributed on all over the national territory.

Crop data (crop calendars and crop acreages) are available at different administrative levels and in several forms.