Weather monitoring – Parameters

The B-CGMS portal server provides daily and monthly meteorological data at agricultural circumscriptions and regional scales.

Daily meteorological data from a hundred weather stations covering the national territory constitutes the most important set of input data for the system.

These weather stations data are spatially interpolated at the grid level 10km x 10km.

Daily data available are the following:

  • Maximum temperature (C)
  • Minimum temperature (C)
  • Mean daily vapour pressure (hPa)
  • Mean daily windspeed at 10m (m/s)
  • Mean daily rainfall (mm)
  • Penman potential evaporation (EO) from a free water surface (mm/day)
  • Penman potential evaporation (ESO) from a bare soil surface (mm/day)
  • Penman potential  transpiration (ETO) from a crop canopy (mm/day)
  • Global radiation in KJ/m²/day.

Monthly mean temperatures, rainfall and radiation for current year, previous years and the average of the ten previous years are also presented in graph, map and table forms.

The user can select the interested years and parameters.